4 Ways to Prepare your Investment Property for Winter

Winter is right around the corner, and with that comes a range of tasks you should complete to ensure your investment property is ready for the cooler months. Throughout the winter months, it’s typically cooler, wetter, and windier than in summer. This increases the potential for damage caused by low temperatures, mould, and winter storms. This blog outlines how to prepare your investment property for winter. Keep reading to learn more.

Check property insulation

Up to 40% of heating can be lost through windows, so it’s a good idea to prepare for the winter months by ensuring all your property’s windows close properly. Not only is this also better for property security, but it can help your tenants save money on their utility bills. If there is any damage around the property’s windows, hire a professional to replace or add weather stripping.

Service and clean air conditioning units

If your property has a split-system air conditioning unit, that’s likely how your tenants will stay warm over winter. Now is the time to have air conditioning units serviced and cleaned to make sure the filters are free of debris. Further, as the winter months are cooler, it can be faster to get your air conditioner repaired in the winter months than if it required repairs in the summer months.

Make sure your property is well ventilated

Mould can become a serious problem over the winter months. To combat this, it’s important that your property has adequate ventilation throughout, especially in damp rooms such as the bathroom and laundry. If damp rooms don’t have a window, an exhaust fan is a must. And if possible, your tenants should be opening all the windows and doors to let fresh air through the property regularly.

Clean the gutters

Before the rain and dampness of winter hit, it’s important to clean debris from gutters that may have accumulated over the summer months. If gutters are left dirty, this can cause a build-up of leaves, sticks and debris, which can block rainwater from flowing and result in leaking and flooding in your property. 

Your property manager can recommend a professional to check and clean the gutters to ensure this is done properly.   The winter months are a great time to cosy up in the warmth of your home, but it’s important to prepare your home for the cooler months before they roll around.

Taking some time now to prepare your property for the cooler months will keep it in top condition while also ensuring your tenants are healthy and happy in your property.