Positive rental experiences, warm and comfortable homes

Tenant Services

The rental relationship

As a Glasshouse Tenant you are assigned a Property Manager that cares about you and your home.

We’ve all been tenants ourselves, so we know that while you’re living in someone else’s house, it is very much your home and we want you to feel comfortable there.

Our team is committed to meeting the needs of both you and your landlord, and creating positive rental experiences for you both. You are our clients too, and we value careful, considerate tenants who look after their homes and make it easy for us to carry out our job.

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It’s about seeing things from all perspectives

The rental relationship is not unlike any other in the need for good communication, mutual respect and appreciation. At Glasshouse, we believe that if expectations are communicated from the get-go, positive rental experiences are more likely.

Our team ‘on-board’ both our tenants and landlords to ensure mutually beneficial relationships that last. If all parties understand what’s important to the other, better outcomes are achieved for all. 

What’s important to you, the tenant

  • Warm, comfortable home
  • Repairs tended to in a timely manner
  • To be treated with respect and courtesy
  • To be valued and appreciated
  • Clear, timely communication
  • Adequate notice given for inspections
  • Your rights upheld as a tenant

What’s important to your landlord

  • Rent paid on time so they can meet their financial obligations
  • Property cared for, so to protect it and prevent costly damages
  • Professional repairs carried out in a timely manner, so to maintain it
  • Compliance needs taken care of so they can demonstrate they are meeting their obligations as a landlord
  • Detailed and frequent property inspections to meet insurance requirements, and so they know their property is in good condition
  • Clear, frequent and timely communication

What’s important to us

  • Treated as professionals and trusted to work with you, and your landlords best interests
  • To be paid fairly for the time, care and attention we put into looking after you and the home you rent
  • For you to let us know of any repairs or maintenance required
  • For you to allow us reasonable access to your home, so we can conduct our inspections and meet the landlords needs as above
  • For you to pay your rent on time, or notify us if there are any issues with payments e.g. changing banks 

We’re delighted when previous tenants of Glasshouse go on to become investors of their own, and choose us to manage their properties. It’s because of the positive rental experiences they’ve had with us as tenants that they choose to continue that relationship with us as Landlords.