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About Glasshouse Property Management

At Glasshouse, we believe that better outcomes can be achieved by meeting the needs of both tenants and landlords. When both are happy, rental properties are looked after better, tenants stay longer, yields are higher, and disputes are virtually unheard of or quickly resolved.

Our Hamilton Property Managers connect great tenants with caring landlords, and look after both needs. Care is at the heart of everything we do. It is this simple, yet often an overlooked quality that we believe separates us from other agencies and helps us deliver a better rental experience for both landlords and tenants.

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How Can Our Hamilton Rental Agency Help You?

With Glasshouse, you can be rest assured your investment property is in good hands. Here’s how we provide exceptional property management.

1. We keep our portfolios small, so we have time to do it right.
2. We screen tenants thoroughly to mitigate any risks.
3. Inspections are detailed and included in your fee.
4. We take care of maintenance and compliance.

Under our care you can expect:

    • Weekly owner payments
    • On-time rent payment
    • Quarterly inspections
    • Industry best-practice tenant screening
    • Compliance and risk management
    • Transparency on your property, so you’re always kept in the loop
    • Dedicated professionals who protect your investment

Our Location

Our Hamilton property management team is located on 141 Grey Street, Hamilton East.

We also have a Cambridge Propertment Management office located on 22B Duke Street, Cambridge and work across the Waikato including:

    • Morrinsville
    • Te Awamutu
    • Ngāruawāhia
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Rental Appraisals Hamilton

Are you unsure of the weekly rent value of your property? Glasshouse Property Management provides objective appraisals based on market data, not what we think you want to hear. Be wary of other property management companies who may inflate appraisals to win your business. Your property may sit vacant for a long time, costing you lost income. What’s more, it may be hard to get out of a Property Management agreement.

Property Maintenance & Renovations

All property maintenance and repairs can be handled by us. We use a network of reputable tradespeople to maintain your property at a great rate. You can rest easy knowing your property is well cared for.

Rental Renovations

Additionally, we provide renovation property management services. See how some of the properties we’ve project managed for our clients have delivered increased annual returns and positive returns on investment.

Hamilton Property Management Fees

Not all rental management agencies charge fees the same way, so it can be tricky to figure out which agency is giving you the best value.

Typically, property managers charge a management fee between 7% – 12%. Keep in mind that a lower management fee doesn’t always mean lower cost overall – they may charge higher fees for things like maintenance, advertising, and placement fees. Some even charge for inspections.

How Glasshouse works: Our fees are driven by our principles of care, ensuring your property is well looked after by us and your tenants. We cap our portfolios so that our managers can devote sufficient time to each property.

What we charge:

    • Management fees between 8.5% and 12%, depending on the property.
    • Maintenance fee of 8%. Placement fee (finding new tenants) of $575+GST. This includes a full marketing campaign with multiple platform listings, at no additional cost, as well as all credit checks.

What we don’t charge for:

    • Advertising
    • Inspections
    • Admin fees
    • Annual tax summaries
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Our Experience and Qualifications

Today, property management is a much more complex area than most people realise, and a lot is at stake. If something goes wrong, a missed step or document can lead to headaches down the road.

Your property will be protected by our expert processes, systems, and network of trusted professionals.

In order to deliver the highest level of service, you also need a strong team. Our Property Managers are not only experienced, but also hold a minimum Level 4 Certificate in Property Management.

Additionally, all of our portfolios are capped to maintain our high standards of care. 

How To Choose A Property Manager

As a property investor, you have an extremely valuable investment. It makes sense that you want that investment cared for, rent paid on time, and any issues resolved as soon as possible. In the long run, the performance of your investment depends on how well it is managed.

So how can you ensure you choose the right property manager? Here are some simple things to look for:

    • Is the documentation sufficiently detailed?
    • Do they have social proof? (Google and Facebook reviews, etc.)
    • How often does the property manager’s name appear in the tenancy tribunal?
    • What is included in the property management fee?
    • How efficiently will repairs and maintenance be dealt with?
    • How many properties does your Property Manager manage
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Meet the team

In a decade, what was once a ‘one-man band’ has been transformed into a dynamic, dedicated team of property management experts.

While our backgrounds differ, we all share the same passion for creating positive rental experiences for both landlords and tenants. We truly believe this is our point of differentiation, and what makes the Glasshouse rental experience so special and successful.


Glasshouse are fantastic, I cannot recommend them enough! The staff are lovely, kind, friendly and helpful. I felt like more than 'just' a tenant.
Donna Wilson
We have been with glasshouse for over 2 years, we also have other property's in NZ managed by other companies. Over this time glasshouse has by far always been the best at communicating, the quality of inspections and keeping all the compliance and statements up to date.
Property Owner
I had an amazing experience dealing with a team of young and dynamic professionals who are always going an extra mile for their clients to enrich customer experience.
Goldi Deep
As beginning of 2018 I have switch my rental agency to Glasshouse property from another rental agency and it has been an excellent experience.
David Chang
Property Owner

Property Management Hamilton FAQ's

Setting rent is a collaborative effort between us and our landlords. Our goal is to maximise your return on investment while ensuring rents are appropriate to the market conditions.


Once we’ve got a broad idea of market rent, we can then give you advice based on our expertise in the industry. For example, using the data from our many years in the business, we can tell you how many viewings generally convert into tenancies; how listing at different times of year can impact prices or the number of viewings; and whether the rent is too low or high for the current economic conditions.

Some agencies outsource their property inspections, which can lead to delays in problems being dealt with. Not us, we only outsource maintenance. All other aspects are managed in-house. Property viewings and inspections are vital opportunities for us to build strong relationships with tenants in an effort to provide an enjoyable customer experience.


Ideally, the same person will do the inspection every time because they get to know the property and exactly what to look for when doing the inspection.

We take any rent arrears seriously. While we empathise with our tenants who find themselves in tough financial situations, we are also responsible for caring for your property and our processes for dealing with this are clear.


As soon as a tenant is late with their rent, we establish contact with them to try to minimise any further arrears. They receive written notice that rent must be paid as soon as possible. within seven days. If it still is not paid after seven days, the matter is referred to the Tenancy Tribunal for breach of tenancy (rent arrears)..


We work hard to form constructive relationships with our tenants in an effort to find positive resolutions to any issues. We balance that out with our duty to care for your investment and ensure any problems are minimised as much as possible.

Ideally, a property manager should have about 150-180 properties in their portfolio. Some agencies will load their property managers up with 200, or even 250 -300 properties. For many people this high workload is unsustainable.


If a property manager is spread too thin, your property may not get the attention it deserves. Small issues, if not dealt with promptly, can become major problems later. It’s important that property managers have enough capacity to deal with issues as they arise.


We keep our property manager’s portfolios to a level that’s sustainable for them, but generally this is fewer than 160. This ensures your property manager has the capacity to give your property the attention it deserves.

We pay rent to landlords weekly. Weekly rental payments provide regular cash-flow, the ability to offset mortgage costs (particularly on larger portfolios), and immediate visibility if a tenant misses a payment.

Care is our founding principle. By caring we have grown to over 1000 properties.

Cared for Properties

Cared for Properties

Careful Tenants

Careful Tenants

Caring Property

Caring Property

Better Investment
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Better Investment
Outcomes for You